Fondant Cakes: Pros & Cons

Your wedding cake should reflect your personal style and make a statement. And obviously you want your guests to rave about how delicious it was! The good news is you can have a cake that is both beautiful and scrumptious. Don’t let other bakers tell you otherwise. Here’s the rundown on the great fondant debate.
  • You really get the best of both worlds. We use state of the art equipment to roll our premium fondant very thin before applying it on top of a layer of vanilla buttercream. This ensures the best possible taste.


  • Fondant holds up better in the heat. That beautiful, warm, outdoor reception that you’re planning might be your tiered buttercream cake’s worst nightmare.
  • Fondant protects and seals the moist, fresh cake. 
  • Design options are nearly endless with fondant. 


Handmade sugar rose petals that cascade down your cake? No problem.


Hot air balloon hanging from the ceiling? You got it.

  • Fondant will give you that flawless porcelain finish you see in the wedding magazines.
  • Some people simply don’t care for the texture and taste of fondant, period. And that’s fine! We are happy to design wedding desserts that meet your specific desires and needs.

At the end of the day it’s a personal choice. Follow your heart and go with the cake that you and your fiancé will love on your wedding day!

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