12 Groom’s Cake Ideas

While it is not a necessity, it is a Southern tradition to have a groom’s cake. Typically they are chocolate but can be in the groom’s favorite flavor. Other dessert options are available too including pies, cake pops, cupcakes and more. Groom’s cakes may also reflect his personal hobbies and interests. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

1. Star Wars Cake and Cake Pops

2. Golf Ball Cake Pops in a Range Bucket

3. Poker Cake

4. Collegiate Cakes and Cake Pops

5. Music Inspired Cake

6. Stadium Cake

7. Nintendo Cake

8. Sons of Anarchy Cake

9. Car Cake

10. Baseball Cake and Cake Pops

11. Superman Cake and Cake Pops

12. Whiskey Barrel Cake

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